1946 - 1949 Baird

1946 Baird

Model Number


Screen size

12" (30.5cm)

Screen type

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

Cabinet type


Cabinet Material


Color or B&W

black & white

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This model is part of a series of four modern, well-designed television sets developed by John Logie Baird Ltd., in 1946.

After WWII John Logie Baird set up a new company John Logie Baird Ltd., with finance supplied by his school friend the music hall star, Jack Buchannan.  The firm produced four sets for Radio Olympia in 1946: this "Lyric", the "Garrick", the "Adelphi" and a prototype monster with a 22" x 17" screen, the "Grosvenor", which, sadly, was later broken up.  Of the three production sets, named after London theatres, the Lyric was the most expensive, costing £235 11s 4d, including purchase tax and was finished in an "oak cabinet of various tones".  This example Lyric was specially commissioned by Mr. & Mrs. Ellis, of Leystone E11 wholesaler in "fruits and vegetables", in birdseye maple and figured oak for a price of £250.  This set stands 41.5" (106cm) tall.

John Logie Baird died later in 1946.  The Baird T14, and the Lyric were the best of what Baird manufactured in electronic televisions pre-and-post war.  Today most people think of Baird as "just" the man who invented (and first demonstrated) mechanical television - however - these post war electronic televisions represent his finest examples from the critical years in his later life.  Text courtesy: Michael Bennett-Levy.