1935 - 1941 General Electric

1938 General Electric Prototype

Model Number


Screen size

5" (13cm)

Screen type

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

Cabinet type


Cabinet Material

Mixed Woods

Color or B&W

black & white




Interesting one-of-a-kind 1938 General Electric prototype, which was a forerunner to the 1939 GE Model HM-171.  This set has 7-pushbutton selector channels, and built-in sound, while the production HM-171 only had five, with no sound -- you had to hook it up to a GE radio with a special connection for the TV sound.  This was done to allow the release of a relatively inexpensive set to the marketplace, by saving the costs of the sound portion of the TV set.  The thought was that you would buy the GE radio first, and then, later the TV vision unit.