1927 "All About Television"


"All About Television"


Secor & Kraus


Experimenter Publishing Company


8.5" x 11.75" (22cm x 30cm)


Volume 1 - Number 1

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1927 Jan




A magnificent compendium of television development in the early mechanical era, up to the year 1927.  This 114 page magazine covers every conceivable system, worldwide.  Volume 1, number 1 -- there *is* a Volume 1, number 2, by the way.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 -- A chapter giving the features of Television machines and tellling how the experimenter can build his own apparatus with details for building slotted disks, perforated belts, amplifiers, and other incidental data.

Chapter 2 -- Experimental information for building a Baird television machine.

Chapter 3 -- Technique for building mechanisms for transmitting photographs.

Chapter 4 -- The means and methods of producing synchronizing systems (including television by sound waves)

Chapter 5 -- Telegraphing of photographs by code -- explaining the Belin, Andersen, Leishman, Korn, and Bartlane processes.

Chapter 6 -- The direct wire or radio picture transmission of the codeless type -- including the systems of Bain and Bakewell, Leishman, Belin, Korn, Dieckmann, Feree, Jenkins, American Telephone and Telegraph, Radio Corporation of America, Friedel, Telfunken, Freund and many other methods.

Chapter 7 -- Television, historical and futuristic -- with a complete explanation fo all the various television devices from the earliest days up to the present time (1927).  Among these we find the Knowth, Ruhmer, Rignoux, Fournier, Armengaud, Rosing, Gernsback, Dassaud, Rothschild, Andersen, Alf Sinding-Larsen, Jenkins, Belin, Mihaly, Stephenson, Walton, Jenkins-Moore, Holweck, Dr. E. F. W. Alexanderson, Dauvillier, Baird, American Telephone and Telegraph Company, and other methods as well as their improvements as the science has advanced.

Chapter 8 -- Experimental information for building a complete telephotographic transmitter.

Lavishly and profusely illustrated with both photographs and line-art drawings.