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1928 Feb "Constructor's Licence" Interesting document - A constructor's licence for building of a Baird television set, sometime wi
1940 Mar "Price Drop to all District Employees" RCA announces huge price breaks for employees of Disctrict #2, for television models TT-5, TRK-5,
1949 Oct "FCC Schedules Further Color Demos" Radio Corporation of AmericaOctober 28, 1949Release-- IMMEDIATE Commenti
1949 Aug "RCA Develops Compatible Color Television" 7-page announcement that RCA has developed compatible electronic color television - this release a
1950 May "CBS Mechanical Television Fatal Mistake" 15-page release by RCA quoting Sarnoff as saying: "Adoption of CBS Mechanical Color Television Sys
1950 Oct "FCC directs RCA to work with CBS" Copy of a letter written by the FCC, to RCA, requesting they work with CBS, and provide them with
1950 Feb "Rapid Progess in Tri-Color CRTs" 5-page RCA News Bulleting about the speedy development of tri-color picture tubes for electronic c
1950 Sep "RCA Urges FCC to Let Public Act as Jury" 9-page release by RCA, urging the FCC to stay its hand in the final decision on color television a
1951 Jul "RCA Color Field Tests Start Monday in NYC" 3-page release by RCA, announcing that All-Electronic Compatible Color Television will begin field