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1960 "Behind the Scenes in Motion Pictures" Well illustrated with black & white photos, this tells the story of 'behind the scenes' in mot
1960 "Industrial Television Handbook" Book written by DuMont engineers, about industrial television applications.
1961 "TV The Big Picture" "TV The Big Picture" by Stan Opotowsky is a close hard look at the world of television, from the p
1962 "Color Television and How It Works" This book gives an easy to understand explanation of color television operation, and includes a co
1963 "Radio and Television How They Work" Written for children, this book explains the inner workings of both radio and television.
1964 "ABC's of Television"   A clear 'layman's' view of how television works, step-by-step, from the broadcast studio to
1965 "The Encyclopedia of Radio & Television" Ths is the revised edition of the standard work dealing with all practical aspects of radio and te
1968 "A Television Transmitter Building" Booklet about a television transmitter building designed and planned by the Radio Corporation of A
1968 "ABCs of Radio & TV Broadcasting"
1968 "Equipment Layout for Standard Television Station" Specifications booklet for the equipment layout for a standard television station, as presented by
1968 "Television How It Works" Part of the Skillfact Library of books, this one covers the subject of television, and how it work
1968 "The Television Program" Original release of "The Television Program" by Stasheff and Bretz.  Fully illustrated with p
1968 "How It Works - Television" A captivating book written for children, about the invention of television.  Illustrated by B
1968 "People At Work - Television" This is a UK book (notice the BBC Colour TV camera on the cover), written and illustrated by Charl
1969 "The Focal Encyclopedia of Film & Television Techniques" This is the first major work of reference to cover the
1973 "Careers With A Television Station" This book was written with young adults and children in mind, as a way to make them aware of the v
1974 "The Technique of Television Production" Gerald Millerson's "Technique of Television Production" is a great reference for the subject, and
1975 "We Americans" Pictorial History of America. Hundreds of photos and illustrations from pilgrims to modern 1970's.
1976 "The Golden Years of Broadcasting" This 256-page book is a celebration of the First 50 Years of Radio and TV on NBC.  Plenty of
1976 "The Television Program" Very good reference manual about the television program, its direction and production.  Fully
1976 "Tube of Plenty - The Evolution of American Television" Tube of Plenty is an abridgement of Erik Barnouw's classic 3-volume History of Broadcasting in the
1979 "The Television Program" This is the fifth edition of a popular book about the television program direction and production.
1981 "Television: The First Fifty Years" This attractive book was issued initially in 1977 in a leather-bound limited edition of 7500 copie
1983 "A Pictorial History of Television" Table of Contents:  1) The Beginnings, 2) Birth: The 20th Century, 3) Infant Prodigy: The For
1984 "I Can Be A TV Camera Operator" Written with the young adult in mind, this explores the opportunities for a career as a TV camera