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1935 "Cathode Ray Tubes" RCA softcover technical data booklet about cathode ray tubes and allied types.  Every specifi
1935 "The Cathode-Ray Tube at Work" Great early reference book on CRTs.  Contains 440 halftones of tubes & screen images, cir
1936 "Television" Volume 1, issued July, 1936 - by RCA - The collected addresses and papers on the future of the new
1936 "Television Reception" Manfred Von Ardenne's book about television reception, with a subtitle: "Construction and Operatio
1936 "Television with Cathode Rays" Small black leatherette 3-ring binder with gilt titles, loose-leaf format.  Contains ten chap
1936 "Television: A Guide for the Amateur" An essential book for any early TV-technology historian or enthusiast, by Sydney Moseley and Herbe
1937 "The Story of Radio - On The Air" Covers the story of radio, just preceding the television era.  Series of black & white ph
1937 "Television" Official informational booklet, softcover, about the "Television Show" by the German Post Office (
1938 "Television" No. 10 in Gernsback's Educational Library of 10-cent booklets from the late 1930s, this one covers
1939 "Television" NBC's first television studio tour, in which they demonstrate and describe the art and science of
1939 "Television Console Model TRK-9" Original owner's manual for the 1939 RCA TRK-9 television console.
1940 "Television's First Year" Television's First Year was an RCA-NBC joint venture, celebrating the first year of the birth of A