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1926 "Television - Seeing by Wireless" This publication is considered to be the first English language book in the world written exclusiv
1927 "Talking Movies" James R. Cameron was a prolific author on the subject of early films, motion pictures, talkies, ta
1928 "Practical Television" "In the present work the author (Edgar Thomas Larner)
1928 "Television" Considerably enlarged from the first edition, this second edition has 180 pages, plue 2 pages of a
1930 "Fundamentals of Television" Well written textbook on the fundamentals of television, with (48) photographs and line-art illust
1930 "Wireless Library" Bound 9-Volume set of Ralph Stranger's Wireless Library, with blue cloth hardcover, over 500 pages
1930 "Fernsehen" Comprehensive book containing all the issues of "Television" (Fernsehen), written in German in 193
1932 "Experimental Television" Early experimental television handbook, 313 pages, 185 text illustrations and diagrams by the auth
1932 "La Television Experimentale" French language book about early mechanical television, written and published by JGR Van Dyck, in
1934 "Funktechnik in Frage und Antwort" German language book on pre-war television, covers both mechanical and early electronic.  Man