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1950 May "CBS Mechanical Television Fatal Mistake" 15-page release by RCA quoting Sarnoff as saying: "Adoption of CBS Mechanical Color Television Sys
1950 "Essentials of Television" Written by three authors: Morris Slergberg, William Osterheld and Elmo Voegtlin, a consice referen
1950 Oct "FCC directs RCA to work with CBS" Copy of a letter written by the FCC, to RCA, requesting they work with CBS, and provide them with
1950 "Questions and Answers in Television Engineering" Questions and Answers in Television Engineering by Carter V. Rabinoff, was published by McGraw-Hil
1950 Feb "Rapid Progess in Tri-Color CRTs" 5-page RCA News Bulleting about the speedy development of tri-color picture tubes for electronic c
1950 "RCA Color Television - How it Works" Internal RCA booklet that explains the current status of electronic color-television, and how it w
1950 Sep "RCA Urges FCC to Let Public Act as Jury" 9-page release by RCA, urging the FCC to stay its hand in the final decision on color television a
1950 "Science via Television" "Science Via Television" is a practical guide for the preparation and production of informational
1951 "Elements of Television Systems" Elements of Television Systems is an 804-page hardcover compendium on the medium of television.&nb
1951 "Picture Book of Radio & Television - How They Work" Juvenile and children's book about the technology behind radio and television.  Illustrated b
1951 Jul "RCA Color Field Tests Start Monday in NYC" 3-page release by RCA, announcing that All-Electronic Compatible Color Television will begin field
1951 "Television Explained" Nice reference book, in hardcover format.  The publication of a fourth edition has provided t
1951 "Television Story" Television Story was written by John J. Floherty, is an easy read, with plenty of black & whit
1951 "The Principles of Television Reception" Pioneering and detailed work about British television, each section has its own bibliography, many
1952 "Television - The Magic Window" From the earliest beginnings of this new industry, whi
1952 "The Art of Television Production" Great reference book about the art of TV production.
1952 "Writing for Television" Written by Gilbert Seldes, the author of "The Seven Lively Arts", this hardcover book is the most
1953 "The Story of Television" This is an uncommon internal DuMont publication, uncredited to any individual, presented as a prom
1953 "The Television Manual" This hardcover red-cloth book by William Hodapp is a guide to TV Production and Programming for Ed
1954 Dec "Annual Report" Standard Corporate America's Financial Report - But this issue includes RCA's new all-electronic c
1954 "Beginning Television Production" Great reference book on the subject of television production.  Includes bibliographies. 
1954 "Taking Hold of Television" Health and Welfare Services publication about the benefits of television.
1955 "Television Program Production" An account of television program production, looking at each and every aspect of it, by Carroll O'
1955 "The First Book of Television" This is a nicely done book written for children, telling how television was invented, how it works
1956 "Felix on Television" A Wonder Book (#716). This is a flip-it book, with an