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1946 Dec "RCA Laboratory Report LB-702" This is the RCA report on Simulataneous All-Electronic Color Television, dated December 23, 1946.&
1947 "Television Techniques" An excellent source for the basics of television produ
1947 Dec "Selection de la Radio Mondiale" The title translated into English:  "Wireless Radio Digest", subtitle: "The Future of Televis
1948 "Boy's & Girls Book of Film and Television" Written for the young adult, this book covers the making of films and the workings of a television
1948 "Here is Television - Your Window to the World" Fascinating early account of the technologies and innovations of the fledgling medium of televisio
1948 "Telekit Model 10A Instruction Manual" Official instruction manual for the Telekit Model 10-A kit television set, designed by the "Televi
1949 "Close-up" A picture of the men, women and methods that make CBS Television. This is the story of one televis
1949 Oct "FCC Schedules Further Color Demos" Radio Corporation of AmericaOctober 28, 1949Release-- IMMEDIATE Commenti
1949 Jan "Radio Experimenter" Fantastic graphic on the cover, showing the excitement in building your own television set! 
1949 Aug "RCA Develops Compatible Color Television" 7-page announcement that RCA has developed compatible electronic color television - this release a
1949 "Shooting The News" This is the story of a career cameraman, which includes (32) black-and-white photographs.  Wr
1949 "Television - Interesting Facts" Interesting booklet published by Transvision, Inc., of New Rochelle, N.Y., which is packed with fa
1949 "Television Equipment Theory & Operation" Manual for RCA's Television Technical Training Program regarding television equipment theory and o
1949 "The Miracle of Television" A book on the background and history of "Television", some fascinating ideas and concepts are expl
1949 "The Story of Television" Geroge Everson tells the life story of television inventor Philo T. Farnsworth.  Original tex
1949 "Video Handbook" All-inclusive handbook about the medium of television and video, as presented by Howard W. Sams &a