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1930 Televisor An early piece of Baird advertising literature for the Baird "Televisor" home reception set. 
1944 Meeting of Sight and Sound World War-II era advertisment for Farnsworth Television.
1944 Television Circus Party World-War-II advertising showing how America's service men confined in hospitals in the New York a
1945 Keep Your Eyes on Belmont Television Futuristic advertisement during World War-II, for a concept drawing of post-war television. 
1949 Advertisment for the Emerson Protelgram Projection system.  "Giant Size" 192 square-inch, bri
1950 A-2012 Color advertisement for the new Model A-2012 consolette.  This is one of the few times where
1951 New Life in Life Size "Bigger-sharper, so lifelike, you feel the picture's real!"... touts the GE advertisement.
1983 Single page advertisement for a corner-type Canadian Electrohome television.
1984 Projection Television Full page ad for RCA's giant 45" screen projection television system.
1984 1984 Canadian Electrohome advertisement.
1987 Stereo Performance RCA ad touting the incredible stereo sound performance of their television sets.