1960 - 1999 - Marketing


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1960 NBC Television Truck Quite an elaborate NBC Color Television tin-truck, battery operated. NBC color camerman is perched
1960 Selectric TV Tower Green, brown and blue plastic tower structure with the cameraman at the top, and his assistant on
1970 TV Motorcycle Crew Colorful television motorcycle crew.  Cameraman balances off the back end of the TVI motorcyc
1975 TV Tower Television and cameraman reside inside a white TV tower.
1980 TV Crew Blue and white plastic cameraman with with studio television camera, and a TV-reporter lady with a
1983 Single page advertisement for a corner-type Canadian Electrohome television.
1984 Projection Television Full page ad for RCA's giant 45" screen projection television system.
1984 1984 Canadian Electrohome advertisement.
1987 Stereo Performance RCA ad touting the incredible stereo sound performance of their television sets.