1950 - 1959 - Marketing

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1950 A-2012 Color advertisement for the new Model A-2012 consolette.  This is one of the few times where
1950 Designed for Color Very uncommon Natalie-Kalmus television dealer sales brochure.  This piece of sales literatur
1950 Television Viewer "S.E.L" - Television viewer, complete with film strip.  Pressing the lever on the RH side of
1950 TV Novelty Viewer Bright blue plastic television viewer.  British style TV set.  Place your eye at the tin
1950 Pencil Sharpener Emerald green plastic pencil sharpener, manufactured by Kum and sold in Germany around 1950. 
1951 New Life in Life Size "Bigger-sharper, so lifelike, you feel the picture's real!"... touts the GE advertisement.
1952 PYE Coin Bank Brown and cream-colored plastic coin bank, advertising PYE television sets.
1953 hallicrafters TV Bank Tin TV bank shaped lilke a hallicrafters TV set.
1955 Pathe News Camera Car Jet black "Pathe News" car with a red interior, and the television film cameraman standing on the
1956 Corgi BBC TV Truck Green Corgi BBC Television truck, with cameraman and TV antenna on the roof.
1959 Miniature TV S&P Shaker Beige plastic television set, with a gold-colored tuning knob.  Built into the RH side of the